Puppy Referral

SBGRC offers a puppy referral service to those interested in purchasing a golden retriever from responsible breeders. To list a puppy or a litter with our service, the owner must first of all be a member of SBGRC and also be the owner of the puppy or litter. The listing service is free to SGBRC members.

Before any information on the puppy or litter is passed on to potential buyers, the owner must sign a Breeder Agreement Contract which states that the breeder/owner adheres to the Golden Retriever Club of America's (GRCA) Breeders of Code of Ethics. We suggest a careful reading this Code of Ethics on the GRCA web site before purchasing a new puppy. It discusses responsibilities of the owner, GRCA member, and the breeder with particular emphasis on breeding only animals who are of sound mind and body and recommends that potential buyers purchase puppies only from breeders who can provide reports concerning hip dysplasia, hereditary eye or cardiovascular disease.

For more information on SBGRC Puppy Referrals please email Jennifer Lawton.

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